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Adriane Berg is an Emmy winning TV host, Mature Market Radio Award winner, and media personality. 

She is a veteran of hundreds of television and radio and print interviews. She was an OPRAH staple for her work in personal finance.

Now Adriane is a blogger, podcaster and influencer in aging.

You can call upon Adriane for stories and interviews in any area relating to intergenerational, workforce, global aging, age-inequality, issues of healthcare, and age-tech, caregiving and adult lifestyle, and mature travel and the mature market.

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Aging is at the Tipping Point…business, education, healthcare are at stake.

How will you or your media outlet cover this big story?

Adriane is a leading communicator on issues of aging.

She is the Director of The Kitalys Institute for delaying and preventing the diseases of aging.

She is a New York Times Age Boom Fellow, awarded by the International Longevity Center, now at Columbia University.

Adriane is author many books, including The Retirement Income Explosion, and the host of the popular Generation Bold: The Fountain of Truth About Aging.

With appearnces on Good Morning America, many Oprah shows, and Emmy winner for her show, IRS Tax Beat, Adriane sits on the United Nations NGO on Aging, Communications Committee.

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If you are working on a story that involves aging, longevity, retirement or ageism, Adriane can contribute with resources, statistics, live interviews and appearances.

Interview Topics

  • The End of Aging and the 115 Year Life
  • Boomer Lifestyle and the End of Retirement
  • Ageism and the Generational Divide
  • What Millennials and Gen X Must Know About Aging
  • Legal, Financial and Tax Aspects of Longevity
  • Global Aging and Age Inequality
  • Advances in Geroscience and the Future of Aging
  • Aging and Technology
  • Aging as a Busines and Investment Sector
  • Longevity’s Impact on Life Pace-Education, Marriage, Retirement