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For information about Adriane's career in broadcasting, journalism, entrepreneurship, business consulting, law and advocacy click here. You will review achievements and credentials that would make a Mother proud and satisfy your Board, event manager or other decision maker when you want to hire me.

But, if you really want to understand my passion for aging, here is the scoop:

I never thought I would live past fifty.

When I surprisingly reached fifty-five, I became fascinated with the possibility for everyone having a kick-ass-old age.

I devoted myself to personal self-care.

I wrote books on having the money to live long and do good in the world.

I created a way for business to offer goods and services that boomers and seniors want, called “Lensing”.

But then, I observed that people of all economic levels were struggling with one unifying issue of aging.

They had no real place for contribution.

We were taught that retirement meant enforced leisure. The world expected little of us boomers and seniors and lost out on the skills and brain power of millions of people.

I discovered also that the tremendous age-inequality gap is more than economic.

It is cultural, environmental, and attitudinal.

There are vast differences in how we age depending on where we live, how our cities are designed, and the opportunities for lifelong learning and continued work.

So I Set Out to Something About It

I help organizations hit the mark (and the market) in developing products and services that work toward successful aging from healthcare design to financial advising to nutrition and gentech.

I speak on on live and virtual platforms so they are ready and looking forward to the many years ahead.

I have reinvented my career many times.

I see no reason why anyone must stop dead in their tracks at age 65.

It’s best to start preparing for a kick-ass-old age when you are young.

Through Pass It On Network, the United Nations NGO On Aging NYC, and Directorship of The Kitalys Institute for healthy lifespan, I work to effect change and live my personal motto:

Will everyone who says it can’t be done...

Please get out of the way of the people doing it.

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